Daisy and her first Car Shows

Daisy 2
This is Daisy, our 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Coupe that was delivered to us in March of this year. She is a Street Rod with a Chevy 350 V8; she’s customized but with the interior feel of the original classic.  Since this is our first venture into the classic car world, we weren’t sure how this hotrod was going to fit into our lives or if we would enjoy participating in car shows.

So far, so good.  We’ve entered her into five car shows to date and have enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, the music (if not a little loud), and the comments.  She won a Lincoln’s Finest plaque at her first “Show-n-Shine” in Lincoln, Ca.  The judge commented that she received the winner’s sticker because the interior was done as nicely as the exterior.  So, evidently the book cover isn’t the only thing that’s important after all.

She has no windshield wipers nor an emergency brake, but then life would be so boring if she were “normal”.  Thank goodness for Rain-x and chocks!   However, I must admit that it is fun to drive down the street and get a thumbs-up from other car enthusiasts.

A friend and excellent professional photographer, Dave Koontz, took a special photo of Daisy and was kind enough to send it to us.


Dave owns Fat Kat Photography out of Roseville, Ca. and his images celebrate the sculptured beauty of automobiles.  Click here to see more of Dave’s work.


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