Winter in Yosemite (finally?)

It’s been a long drought period for California and other parts of the West.  But so far this month (December 2014), we’ve had above normal rainfall with a likelihood of even more rain and snow to come.  Hopefully, this winter will finally break the back of this drought.

I’ve been going through some older photos and ran across a series of Yosemite in winter from 2009 that better depict what a winter should look like. We haven’t seen these scenes in a few years; we’re hoping for something like this or better this year.

The Merced River flows through Yosemite and in 2009 it was booming.

The fog and mist rolled through the valley, but the view of Bridal Veil Falls poked out now and then.
Bridal Veil

The view from Ahwahnee Meadow showed some spectacular terrain shrouded in mist (with the help of a telephoto lens for the last two shots).
ahwahnee 1
ahwahnee 2
ahwahnee 3

And then the snow came and if you think Yosemite is beautiful in Spring, Summer and Fall, wait until you see it in Winter.
trees 1
trees 2

Half Dome
Half dome

ice w

And as the snow melted


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