Fighting off Winter Chills

We’ve had a few cold days here and the chill is in the bones.  It’s not like our weather is freezing – it’s currently 48 degrees before the sun comes up, but it’s a type of cold that shivers your timbers for some reason.  It’s supposed to warm up over the next few days and then hopefully more storms will be on the way to help break this drought.

I’ve been reworking some old photos lately and just playing with images of warm landscapes makes me feel a little better.  I thought I would share them for those of you battling the snow and ice in the colder regions and for those of us who are pansy-asses about the weather where a 48 degree morning is torture.

Colorado sports some great warm locales, such as Arches National Park, Flaming Gorge and various Indian Cliff Dwellings:

flaming gorge
indian dwelling 1

Utah offers such spectacles as Monument Valley:

valley 3

And the rest of the images are various shots from Foresthill, Ca (during the American Wildfire), Tehachapi Pass Train Loop, summer bicycle races, ranch country, and who can ignore the County Fairgrounds in August?

Peaceful view of Sugar Pine Reservoir – there were helicopters flying in to scoop water for the American Wildfire on the other side of the lake while I was taking this shot.
sugar pine
Keeping the Heliport area dampened to keep the dust and dirt down as the VIP airships flew in. VIPs including Army General Charles Jacoby and Cal Fire Representatives.
heliport 1
heliport 2
heliport 3

Tehachapi Pass offers a great view of the Tehachapi Loop – a 0.73 mile spiral on the Union Pacific Railroad line that links Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley to Mohave in the Mohave Desert. The line which sees 40 trains per day is one of the busiest single-line mainlines in the world.
tehachapi loop

The Amgen Tour in 2012 came through Mariposa, Ca on a very warm late spring day.
These were precursor bicyclists before the leaders and peloton.
The leaders at one of the six King of the Mountain climbs south of Mariposa, Ca.
The peloton at the same King of the Mountain climb.

Cedar Point Ranch, Mariposa, Ca.
Since 1975, the Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train has made its historic trek from Fish Camp, CA to the Mariposa County Fairgrounds. Following many of the old stage coach roads from the 1800s, the Wagon Train covers this 32 mile trip over the course of three days, camping each night at a different site along the way. The campsite for day two of the ride is on Cedar Point Ranch.
wagon 1
wagon 2
wagon 3
wagon 4
wagon 5
And it was over before we knew it
wagon 6

August/September is the time of the year for County Fairs.
Setting up is hard to do:
fair 1
fiar 2
fair 3

but the outcome is worth it:
fair 5
fair 4
fair 6
fair 7
fair 8

So, I hope this helped fight off the chill of winter a little bit. I know I feel warmer!


2 thoughts on “Fighting off Winter Chills

    • Thanks Dave – No, these are old shots. I am reworking some of them for another project and decided that images of something warmer than here would do the body good. And I needed a topic for the blog post!!


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