California in Black & White

Crane Tree

There was a movement a few months ago that challenged photographers to post Black & White images on Facebook and other social networking media.  It was a bit hit-and-miss, and didn’t really espouse the intricacies and beauty of BW photography.   I am by no means a seasoned BW photographer, but I do love converting some of my images to BW.   The textures, contrast and simplicity somehow have a soothing effect on one’s senses.

California has many areas that lend themselves to BW photography – as Ansel Adams so eloquently proved.  My shots below are some locales that I like in BW, albeit not as powerful or eloquent as Mr. Adams’ images.  There isn’t a lot of verbiage with this post – just California locales in Black & White.

Firstly, who can refuse to shoot Black & White in Yosemite?

The Valley from the Tunnel View:
Valley View
Fern Creek:
Fern Creek
Swinging Bridge:
Swinging Bridge
Half Dome:
Half Dome
Rainy Day in the valley:
mist 1
Merced River during a wet year:

And then there is the rest of California.

Stormy Coast:
Ocean 1
Morro Rock:
Morro Rock
Crane Tree – Highway 41 north of Fresno:
Crane Tree
Backroad in the Foothills:
Lake Tenaya:
Rafting Paddles along the American River:
Seven sisters – rafting the American River :
CCC Working the American Wildfire, Foresthill, CA:
Geese – Mariposa, Ca:
Indian Gulch Ghost Town, Mariposa County:
Indian Gulch
Cisco Grove Old Highway 40 Tourist Shop:
cisco Grove
Bee Hive, Mariposa, Ca:
Bee Hive
Fire Buckets, Foreshill, Ca.
Fire Buckets
Blacksmith Shop, Foresthill, Ca Blacksmith Foresthill
Blacksmith Shop, Coloma, Ca
Blacksmith Coloma
Courting Candles, Coloma, Ca
courtin candles


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