Capitola Weekend and a Car Show

wharf2The Wharf at Capitola

It was a typical weekend on the coast – lots of misty fog, dull overcast and beautiful sunshine interspersed throughout each day.  The Capitola 10th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show was scheduled for June 6 & 7 and had about 300 reserved spots in the show for car clubs and individual enthusiasts.  It is a popular car show for entrants and the public alike due to the beautiful ocean-front venue, laid-back atmosphere, and the cool weather in what is looking to be a very hot and dry summer in California.  Even the horrific bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 17 coming over the hill from San Jose didn’t deter the throngs from driving to the coast.

cruise 1
The line up in Santa Cruz – waiting for the cruise into Capitola to begin
cruise 2

Registered car clubs were treated to special parking for the show.  As the rest of us lined up for the planned early Saturday morning cruise from Santa Cruz into Capitola, the club cars were parked along Capitola Ave and the Esplanade (the prime parking spots for the show).  As we cruised into the show venue, we were directed to the off streets for our parking spots, although even the off streets are only a few steps away in the small downtown area of Capitola.  I was at first put off by the preferred status of the clubs – that is until I saw what beautiful entries the clubs had to offer.  Can’t blame Capitola for wanting the cream of the crop on display along the Esplanade and the main shopping area. I wasn’t able to get many photos of the club cars as they were parked cheek-to-jowl along Capitola and the only time I got to the Esplanade was going to breakfast without my camera! (Planning ahead is evidently not my forte!)

rod 1
rod 2
rod 3

 crowds Monterey Street

Besides beautiful cars and crowds, there were some spectators of the canine variety, none of which were particularly interested in automobiles.

bull dog
cutie 1
cutie 2

Saturday was a full day of showing, socializing, people-watching, playing and eating.  So Sunday, we decided to avoid the crowds at the show and drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay.  We ended up at Joe’s of Half Moon Bay for a delicious brunch.  I managed to get some photos along the coast, but mostly just enjoyed the drive.  We capped off the weekend at a family barbeque and a great time was had by all!

 lighthousePigeon Point Lighthouse

wharf areaAnchored near the Wharf in Capitola


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