Another day in the wild

Okay, maybe not so wild.

California is home to over fifty National Wildlife Refuges, a large number of which are located in the central and north-central valley; one of the most important wintering areas for waterfowl in North America.  The Bypasses offer thousands of acres as a haven (of sorts) for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, migratory birds, as well as bats, turtles, toads, snakes, and other critters and creatures.  I say a haven ‘of sorts’ because most have some acres blocked off during the October to January hunting season so that waterfowl hunters can ply their hobby.

We are lucky enough to live within one to three hours driving time to many of the larger refuges.  I visit them often as I try to figure out my new telephoto lens and one of these days I’ll conquer it or at least the fear of it!

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Hope Valley, Ca.

There’s a magical place in the California Sierra Nevada mountains that transforms from a very pretty area during most of the year into a wondrous palette of autumn colors, the likes we don’t normally get to see on the West Coast. Granted, the types of trees and colors are not in par with the Northeast, but Californians can enjoy a little piece of fall colors here.

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