Another year, another Cruise

Redding’s Kool April Nites happened at the end of April this year and once again, the Friday night cruise didn’t disappoint.  I took my usual stance in the middle of a crosswalk behind a tree to try to capture some of the beauties that drove by.  And once again, they had four lanes of classic cars, muscle cars, rat-rods, funny cars, and this year quite a few renovated fire engines and police cars cruising by on a perfectly beautiful Friday evening.

I stayed in my spot for most of the evening – except for the 1/2 hour that I had to leave because a cruise patrolman told me to ‘pick a side’ – of the sidewalk that is.  So I dutifully and dolefully went back to the sidewalk and waited until he was thoroughly engaged elsewhere.  I then surreptitiously returned to my stake out in the middle of the street.  Any police that cruised by after that thankfully ignored my antics.

The Shine & Show on Saturday was well attended and fun, but it’s the Friday night Cruise that honks my horn.  Here are some more of the beauties that ‘posed’ for me.

Yeah, we’re Kool…..

Pretty in pink

Very cool sedan delivery

Green and mean

Cool in black  & white

Pretty Chevy

Don’t know what it is, but I like it!

Some True Flames

Good looking rat-rod panel

And we’re still Kool.


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