Redding’s Kool April Nites – 2016

Over the past couple of years, we’ve made the annual trek to the Kool April Nites Cruise and Car Show in Redding, Ca. In its 27th year, Kool April Nites continues to please classic car owners and general auto fans alike. This year it was expected to register over 1,900 classic cars (aged 1979 or older) for the event with all proceeds going to local youth charities. The main draws of the week-long event are the Friday night cruise and the big Show & Shine on Saturday outside the Redding Civic Auditorium. Additionally, there are concerts, dances, and smaller Show & Shines at different locations during the week. The Redding weather in April can be hit and miss, but the show goes on rain or shine. This year, it stormed all day Friday with a huge amount of rain falling in the afternoon – by all accounts over 2 inches. But by Cruise time that evening, the rain had stopped, the Cruise began on time and it was an enormous hit yet again. There weren’t as many spectators as usual due to the weather earlier in the day, but many still came out along the route to enjoy the beauties (and some entries not so beautiful) drive by. Continue reading


Capitola Weekend and a Car Show

wharf2The Wharf at Capitola

It was a typical weekend on the coast – lots of misty fog, dull overcast and beautiful sunshine interspersed throughout each day.  The Capitola 10th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show was scheduled for June 6 & 7 and had about 300 reserved spots in the show for car clubs and individual enthusiasts.  It is a popular car show for entrants and the public alike due to the beautiful ocean-front venue, laid-back atmosphere, and the cool weather in what is looking to be a very hot and dry summer in California.  Even the horrific bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 17 coming over the hill from San Jose didn’t deter the throngs from driving to the coast. Continue reading

The Other Wine Country

Napa Valley is famous for its wines, wine tasting tours, pleasant rolling hills and vineyard landscapes, restaurants, and quaint B&Bs scattered throughout the county. It is considered one of premier wine regions in the world and spending the weekend touring some of its 300 wineries is a luxury desired by most wine-drinking Californians. Besides touring by car, the area is also popular with bicyclists, motorcyclists, and just about any other conveyance including hot air balloons.    Continue reading

Photogenic Route 395 – from California to Canada

Ok, so my bucket list may not be very imaginative. But after all, it’s my bucket list! One of the items on the list was to drive and photograph U.S. Route 395 from the southern terminus in Southern California to the northern U.S. point near Laurier, Washington at the Canadian border. The highway runs through California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington before changing to Highway 395 in Canada.  We had previously driven the portion of 395 in Southern California, so for this trip we wanted to see the rest of the highway starting from the Yosemite area north to the Canadian border.  Deciding to make a large loop so that we wouldn’t retrace our steps, we left Route 395 after reaching the border and headed west to the Puget Sound, down Highway 5 through eastern Washington and Oregon, and then back to Central California. Continue reading