Getting the Shot

Animals, especially the wild kind, can be difficult at best to photograph unless you have the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, the steady hands of a tattoo artist, and the luck of the Irish.  I am Irish, but the rest of the attributes needed for animal photography seem to escape me most days.  If it weren’t for the Irish part, I’d probably have no wildlife photographs at all.  I’ve previously posted about Photographing Animals, but this post is a little different.

Light is sharing blogs on their #VantagePoint project where photographers share their favorite shot and tell the story behind it.  The blogs are shared on their Vantage Point Pinterest page – you might want to check out the great photographs and bloggers on their page.  Light is a revolutionary L16 camera, compact in size (size of an iPhone), but with major DSLR capabilities.  It has 16 different lenses that make for a wide range of focal lengths, ISO range up to 3200, and shutter speed from 1/8000 to 15 seconds.  All of this in a camera that weighs less than a pound!   If you care about flexibility, resolution, new technology and the ease of carrying and working with a camera, you may want to check it out.

So, one of my favorite shots is from the Merced Wildlife Reserve in Merced, California.  I have many favorites from the reserve, but for some reason this one tickles my fancy.

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California in Black & White

Crane Tree

There was a movement a few months ago that challenged photographers to post Black & White images on Facebook and other social networking media.  It was a bit hit-and-miss, and didn’t really espouse the intricacies and beauty of BW photography.   I am by no means a seasoned BW photographer, but I do love converting some of my images to BW.   The textures, contrast and simplicity somehow have a soothing effect on one’s senses.

California has many areas that lend themselves to BW photography – as Ansel Adams so eloquently proved.  My shots below are some locales that I like in BW, albeit not as powerful or eloquent as Mr. Adams’ images.  There isn’t a lot of verbiage with this post – just California locales in Black & White. Continue reading