Photogenic Route 395 – from California to Canada

Ok, so my bucket list may not be very imaginative. But after all, it’s my bucket list! One of the items on the list was to drive and photograph U.S. Route 395 from the southern terminus in Southern California to the northern U.S. point near Laurier, Washington at the Canadian border. The highway runs through California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington before changing to Highway 395 in Canada.  We had previously driven the portion of 395 in Southern California, so for this trip we wanted to see the rest of the highway starting from the Yosemite area north to the Canadian border.  Deciding to make a large loop so that we wouldn’t retrace our steps, we left Route 395 after reaching the border and headed west to the Puget Sound, down Highway 5 through eastern Washington and Oregon, and then back to Central California. Continue reading