Our ‘El Nino’ Year

It’s been so long that we’ve enjoyed a good rain year in California, that I find myself in awe of the lush and vibrant colors this El Nino winter. I just don’t remember when the fields were so green, the sky was filled with such beautiful winter clouds, the river had so many rapids, and the water was so clear. Just a few shots of what the West is experiencing.

Rolling hills near Mariposa, Ca with Chinese Walls in color contrast to the lush green and tiny wildflowers.mariposa 1

California Poppies – in abundance this year.popppies

Poppies and Blue Dicks along Highway 49.poppies 2

An impromptu waterfall along Old Highway 40 in Cisco Grove.waterfall

Always beautiful, but even more so this year – Pink Dogwood.dogwood

dogwood 2

Lush green along Highway 49 near Cool, Ca.green 2


And the Sierra Nevada Range enjoyed a bountiful snowfall this year.



Now we’re hoping for another normal or above normal snowpack for the 2016/2017 winter!


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